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Revive Prosthetic Orthotic Service and Supplies

Obtaining a Prosthetic Orthotic device, fabricated and getting fitted abroad can be expensive. USA based Orthotic Prosthetic specialist can provide visiting consultation, and fitting of a device in your country.

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Orthotic Service and Supplies

Have you considered traveling to the United States so that you can have a consultation or fitting of a prosthesis such as an artificial leg or arm, like Otto Bock C-leg, C-brace or an orthotic device?

Our specialist is available to provide prosthetic services to you in UAE & Saudi Arabia. We can provide both initial consultations and fittings.

Prosthetic orthotic services requires a specialist to have extensive skills, knowledge and experience in the field. Please visit our “SERVICES” page for more information.

You have the opportunity to meet our American Board Certified practitioner in your country.

Please contact us to find out when our specialist will be in your country or if you wish to schedule an initial evaluation appointment in advance.

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