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Prosthetic & Orthotic

Revive provides exceptional prosthetic care to those who require upper or lower extremity artificial limbs and orthotic care as well as to those who require orthopedic braces for their spine or extremities.

I have been in this profession for the past 22 years and for the past eight years have been working at a leading independent provider in Southern California, USA. Working in this company has enhanced my ability to monitor the provision of services at all stages to assure the best possible results for the patient.

For the past eight years I have practiced at Sunny Hills Prosthetic Services, the past six as the Director of Clinical Services, Inc. and board certified practitioner. This reputable company is accredited by the American Board of Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics and its staff has provided care to patients in Orange County, California, since 1982.

Upon the authorization of the prescribing physician, I evaluate each patient to determine the orthopedic, neurologic and vascular factors that contribute to his or her prosthetic or orthotic requirements. Next, I formulate a plan of care, which will provide optimum comfort and function of the device. I take measurements of the patient and create a negative model of the anatomy that will interface with the device. I supervise the fabrication of the device to my specifications and perform trial fittings to enhance the results. After the item is delivered, I follow up as needed to assure that the device is meeting or exceeding the patient’s expectations.